Cantoria Activa > Activities and services

Cantoria Activa stands out from other Community housing projects, due to the the quantity of activities and services that will be on offer to the members.

wellnes piscina - Activities and services

Wellness centre and swimming pool

In Cantoria Activa we will be able to enjoy regular exercise and healthcare, with activities adapted to each one of us, overseen by specialized instructors.

espacio outdoor - Activities and services

Outdoor activities

Cantoria Activa will boast outdoor areas with a fully equipped pickleball and petanque court, you will also be able to attend classes as well as tournaments and leagues.

piscina cubierta - Activities and services

Indoor pool

Cantoria Activa will have an indoor pool, allowing year-round swimming, while also improving the quality of the water.

via verde - Activities and services

Vía Verde

We will be able to enjoy the Vía Verde (the green trail), which is the longest of its type in Andalusia, and passes next to Cantoría Activa along the old railway line, used both both for cycling and walking.

actividades culturales - Activities and services

Cultural activities

We plan to organize cultural activities such as theatre, music, painting, concerts, exhibitions, talks, reading club, etc.

actividades 1 - Activities and services

Workshops and other activities

viajes - Activities and services


We will form travel groups and organize trips that will be made more affordable by bringing together large groups. From one-day trips to multi-day trips and holidays.

peluqueria - Activities and services


We will have beauty services such as hairdressing, manicure, etc.

lavanderia limpieza - Activities and services

laundry and cleaning

The laundry service will be contracted to an external company. This is an optional service, since the housing units all have a washing machines. Laundry services will include the maintenance of washing sheets and towels, also optionally personal clothing.

dispensario - Activities and services

Doctor's surgery

The medical and nursing services will be arranged with the Junta de Andalucía so that they are public services. In addition, there is a 24-hour emergency service in the town.

terapeutas - Activities and services

Therapists and physical therapists

Professional service for treating injuries and improving motor skills.

podologo - Activities and services

Podiatrist service

The podiatry service will be available on certain days and times, depending on demand.

residencia medicos - Activities and services

Live-in care and medical services

The existence of an assisted living centre within the complex will mean that you do not have to leave your home and your closest circle should you need permanent medical attention.

cafeteria - Activities and services


The café will complement the dining room, since it will be able to offer breakfast or dinner, in addition to the restaurant services on offer.

restauracion - Activities and services

Dinning room

The dining room will mainly open for lunch, and other designated meals, and will be self-service, offering a daily menu based on a Mediterranean diet, which includes a salad, a choice of two first courses, two main courses, dessert, and a drink. The cost of a meal will be around €6.

seguridad - Activities and services

Parking and private security

At Cantoría Activa we understand that security must be one of our priorities, so we will have an entrance that controls who enters the community. Protected by a perimeter fence and cameras, where access is only possible through the reception. In addition, we will have a security guard service from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

recepcion - Activities and services


The reception will be there to attend to all arrivals and, register them accordingly, then to guide them to their corresponding areas. They will answer, screen and transfer calls or take messages, as well as deal with requests for information, answering questions or solving problems, both from visitors and users. Here you will also be able to make reservations, appointments and manage appointment calendars for the communities services: hairdresser, Podiatrist, etc.