Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most common questions.

The project is called Cantoria Activa because Cantoria is the name of the nearby town and we opted for the term ‘activa’ because our aim is to embrace an active lifestyle.

When speaking of an active, or proactive attitude, it implies reflection, projecting situations and acting in accordance with this process. Whoever takes an active attitude towards reality will think about it, question it, and then act based on that reflection.

Active people focus their efforts within a given circle of influence, that is, they dedicate themselves to those things about which they can do something. Their energy is constructive, thereby widening their circle of influence over time.

They are people who are moved by values, who know what they need, and act accordingly, their individual behaviour is based on their own decisions and not on conditions.

Senior Community housing consists of the development of a housing complex with social, health and cultural services, promoted by and for the members themselves. At the service of the community, self-managed and non-profit.

  • A self-managed community. Community members are responsible for the management of the community. Important decisions must be made as a group, by the group, and for the group in general.
  • A participatory community. From the phase of planning, construction, and finally of coexistence, the members participate in the project.
  • A democratic community. The rules that govern the project and the coexistence of its members are based on a democratic process, deciding what is most appropriate for the inhabitants.
  • Cooperative model. Although it is not essential that the cooperative formula be present in these projects, it fits philosophically with our values.
  • The design of the complex should favour a harmonious coexistence, as well as increasing social contact.
  • To prioritize sustainability: respect for the environment, the use of sustainable resources and development is essential to the project.

The Community housing-community is designed as a space to live independently and autonomously, in a framework of active aging where individuality and free choice are key. Each member is the protagonists of their own future, but with the possibility of receiving all the necessary care if at any time their physical or mental situation requires it. The Center is managed by a cooperative, responsibly deciding together the most suitable way forward for the community.

Living together in solidarity in the complex, promoting the possibility of sharing activities, projects, hobbies, leisure, work… Keeping our Centre open to the community in which we live, participating in its concerns and traditions, aiming to grow old well, with autonomy and dignity, and understanding that the best environment is a good community.

Therefore, the priority is the formation of the community, understood as a group capable of mutual support and security, collectively addressing their vital initiatives or effectively resolving their conflicts.

By sending a registration request to the Governing Council stating your eligibility, in accordance with the statutes, to be part of the cooperative.

Anyone between the ages of 55 and 75 who has a physical state of personal autonomy at the time of admission.

In addition, you must meet the requirements established in the Cooperative’s Statutes and Internal Regulations.

The partner that fulfils the age requirements would be the member, and the right of use would be held by both. Therefore, it is only the member who must be between 55 and 75 years old, the other need not meet this requirement.

The member enjoys the housing unit exclusively, as well as the rest of the facilities, for life, through the legal formula of “right of use”.

The Model of assignment of use (M.C.U.) or Andel model, means that the cooperative is the owner of the entire Cantoría Activa complex, with the members having the right to unlimited use of all the facilities for life, it is also inheritable, and should the member decide to leave, the social capital is recovered according to law. It is not speculative.

Yes, without any problem. Carrying out the pertinent internal procedures and informing the cooperative.

The right of use is granted to the member, who can use the housing unit as if it were their own home, so, within certain limits, he can share it with whoever he wants.

No. The right of use belongs to the member, not to the cooperative. The cooperative cannot make that type of request.

Pets are permitted. In addition, in the complex there will be a dog park, as well as plenty of outdoor space for them to enjoy. There will be some basic rules where a maximum number of pets per user will also be established.

You do not lose your investment; all your capital is recoverable and also transferable via inheritance.

The right of use would be comparable to having ownership of the home in the sense that it can be inherited or transmitted, as if it were a standard home.

They have the option of communicating such a decision to the cooperative, which would manage the entry of a new member, who would be the one who would then buy the right of use from them.

All the members share the expenses of the services offered; the result is that it costs less for each partner individually.

A cooperative is a democratic, non-profit entity formed by a group of people who share the need for housing at cost price.

  • In the first phase there are 100,000 m² (10 hectares) of land, with the possibility to expand later.
  • Single storey housing units; each 72 m² (2 bedrooms) and 45 m² (1 bedroom) with a total of 300 units.
  • A 2,300 m²community centre.
  • 5,000 m² assisted living centre with 24hr care (once the housing complex has been consolidated).

All buildings are easily accessible.

In the the area known as ‘El Llano’, next to the Almanzora river, 1 km from the town of Cantoria (Almeria). Situated on a hill facing south, along the road into the town.

  • Almeria 137 km by motorway, 100 km on national roads.
  • Murcia 145 km by motorway.
  • Granada 164 km.
  • Vera 45 km.
  • Garrucha 54 km.
  • Primary care medical centre with 24-hour emergency services and an ambulance on weekends.
  • Regional Hospital in Huércal Overa, 30 minutes away.
  • Chemist, supermarkets, general stores, banks, restaurants, post office, hardware stores, mechanical workshops, municipal sports facilities…

The project is designed for 300 members, although we can start building with 100.

Cantoria Activa revolves around a global concept known as Person Centered Care.

This is a professional model that is common in the countries of northern Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Holland), which are pioneering institutions in the care for the elderly.

The ACP is a model that aims to take good care of its members and provide support and new life opportunities to the elderly, offering the best possible quality of life for everyone. It must not be spontaneous but professionalized care based on the respect and dignity that each person deserves: friendly treatment, respect for individual customs, values and personal autonomy.

Dependency will be attended to at all stages of ageing: members will have the peace of mind of being cared for living at home, while enjoying daily life for as long as possible. Third-age dependency, both physical and cognitive, will be cared for in the future 24hr care centre.

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