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Therapeutic gymnastics is guided exercise aimed at the prevention and treatment of, and recovery from illness and dysfunctions, as well as promoting individual autonomy in order for a patient to return to physical activity.

Therapeutic gymnastics

therapeutic gymnastics consists of performing specific and planned movements specifically designed for each pathology or dysfunction, aimed at recovering flexibility, strength or resistance and achieving the optimal level of movement asymptomatically. Therapeutic exercise is a technique within the field of physiotherapy, taught by a specialized physiotherapist.

It will be practised in our specialized and adapted gym. In individual and/or small group sessions. The physiotherapist initially performs an assessment with which the specific exercises are adjusted and adapted to the pathology, carrying out an individualized therapeutic intervention plan.

What are the benefits of therapeutic exercise?

  • Reduces or eliminates of pain
  • Improves general health, fitness, and sense of well-being
  • Maintains and increases the range of motion of the joints and soft tissues
  • Increases endurance and muscle strength
  • Improves and corrects posture
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Accelerates the regeneration process
  • Improves mobility avoiding disability
  • Helps core strengthening
  • Accelerates recovery after sports injuries
  • Helps to avoid relapses
  • Assists in the prevention of all types of physical injuries
  • Helps to avoid surgical interventions in many cases, and before surgical interventions, prior therapeutic exercise helps post-surgical recovery.
  • Beneficial in physical problems related to aging, fibromyalgia…
  • Benefits on cardiac and respiratory functions
ejercicio terapeutico - Therapeutic gymnastics