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gestion participacion - Management and participation


Management and participation

The General Assembly, constituted by the members of the cooperative, is the supreme body of expression of the common goal in matters whose knowledge is attributed by the LSCA and the statutes of the Cooperative. Members, including dissidents and non-attendants, are subject to the agreements of the General Assembly, provided that they have been adopted in accordance with the legal system and the bylaws.

Therefore, it is the members that own the property, and they make the decisions through the social bodies of the Assembly and the Governing Council.


Cooperative values such as mutual aid, solidarity, equality, fairness, democracy and responsibility are what motivate us, unite us and make us feel good.

Governing council

Any member can be elected to form part of the Governing Council, thus, they will actively participate in the development of the Cooperative.


Members can also participate in the Working Groups, depending on your affinities, knowledge, skills and availability, which would be used for the good of all. On the other hand, all members can and should feel like an integral part of the daily activities of the Cooperative and not mere spectators of what others do.

Cooperative Management

Being an extensive project, Cantoria Activa will have the support of a Cooperative Manager, who will help us in the aspects of Urban Management, Technical Assistance, Legal Assistance, Commercial Management and Economic-Financial Management.

We are in contact

We are here to answer your questions at any stage of the process, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.