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Member's rights

The members of the cooperative enjoy the rights of membership detailed below, which are essential to the success of the community housing project


Participate in the economic and social activity of the cooperative without any discrimination and in the terms established in these bylaws.


Vote within the community and be eligible for social positions


Attend and participate openly, and vote in the decisions of the General Assembly and other social bodies of which they are a part.


Obtain information on any aspect of the cooperative's progress in the terms set forth in article 21 of the LSCA.


To use and enjoy in exclusivity and with total privacy property and services designated for private use by the cooperative, such as: housing units, parking Spaces and Storage Rooms.


To use all the facilities, equipment and common services of the Cooperative.


Participate in the social and cultural activities of the community, both internal and external.


Unsubscribe from the cooperative, complying with the legal and statutory requirements.


Receive the amount of the settlement corresponding to their contribution in the legally established cases and terms.


The member has the right to use the housing unit intended for habitual and permanent residence with the private architectural elements and facilities included within its limits.


That the cooperative society take charge of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, conservation and improvement works that are necessary for the conservation in good condition and the rehabilitation of the elements of common use of the buildings, and to keep the services in correct operation. and facilities for common use, so that they are always in conditions of effective and adequate use.

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