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cooperativa coste - Regime of ownership

Cost and financing

The Cooperative is the owner of the Housing Complex

The partners do not acquire ownership the property through the obligatory contribution to the social capital, but rather the right to use and enjoy the facilities and services in perpetuity, a right that is transmitted to the legal heirs if they meet the requirements established in the statutes to acquire the condition of a partner, if they could not comply with them, the investment by the partner would be returned

This type and modality of ownership has the following advantages:

uno - Regime of ownership

It requires less economic investment than purchasing the property.

dos - Regime of ownership

The partner does not have to deal with obligations such as paying taxes, contracting insurance, maintenance, repairs, etc.

tres - Regime of ownership

The Cooperative controls the admission of new members to ensure that the average percentage of existing dependency in the same age groups of the community is not exceeded, thus achieving an appetizing and desirable environment, with easy generational change and economically viable.