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Waiting list

Due to the limited number of housing units that the cooperative will have, and the future viability that the project requires, the figure of the “Expectant Partner” or “Waiting Partner” is established, similar to that established in other types of cooperatives, which will be incorporated to the figure of common member, depending on the vacancies that occur.

Who are the expectant partners?

Expectant partners are those who, having made the subscription of their mandatory contribution to the entity's share capital, have not yet been allocated a housing unit, waiting for such a circumstance to eventually occur. These partners will appear registered with such character in the registry book of partners.

Individual or family

Regarding the nature of the member, as well as depending on the use of the housing unit that is requested, they may be members in an “Individual” or “Family” capacity, and in this way participate in the cooperative action.


People who request admission to the Cooperative as an expectant member must meet the requirements established in point 6.1. of the Statutes. To this end, they must specify the motivation and type of their request.

Contribution to Social Capital

If accepted, the applicant or applicants must make the "Compulsory Initial Contribution" of the common partners, that is, €600, in the form and terms established in the Cooperative's Statutes.

We are in contact

We are here to answer your questions at any stage of the process, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.