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obligaciones socio - Member’s obligations


Member’s obligations

At Cantoria Activa, all our members have a series of obligations, which are included in the statutes, internal regulations and rules of coexistence.


Comply with the provisions of these statutes, the internal regulations, rules of coexistence, and the agreements validly adopted by the social bodies of the cooperative.


Participate in the cooperative activity developed by the entity for the fulfilment of its social purpose, in the manner established in these statutes.


Comply with the economic obligations that correspond to them, whether they refer to mandatory or voluntary contributions, such as the payment of monthly amounts correspond to them.


Not carry out activities of the same nature as those of the cooperative or collaborate with whoever carries them out, unless expressly authorized by the Governing Council.


Maintain the confidentiality of matters and data of the cooperative, whose disclosure may harm the legitimate interests of the cooperative.


Carry out the social positions for which they are elected, except for any just cause that prevents them from doing so.


Notify the Governing Council of the cooperative society in writing of their voluntary withdrawal six months in advance.


Behave with due consideration in their relationships with other members.


Not incur charges and encumbrances (for example, a mortgage) on your right to use the cooperative housing.


Occupy cooperative housing within three months. This period is counted from the day after the date of handing over the keys. This period can be extended by the Governing Council for justified reasons.


Allocate cooperative housing solely and exclusively to habitual and permanent residence.


Notify in writing the Governing Council of the cooperative society:

- The member holding the right to occupy a unit will notify the visits of non-members who temporarily share the housing unit, which cannot be made based on profit or speculative purposes.
- The member holding the right to occupy a unit will notify the maintenance and conservation works that they wish to carry out inside the dwellings.


The ownership of the right to occupy will only be extinguished in the event of the member's withdrawal as a partner or recipient partner of the right of use or due to an expulsion procedure.


Properly use the electricity, water, waste, mobility and energy efficiency systems of the dwelling for common use, in accordance with the purposes of the Cooperative and the rules of its correct operation established in the Internal Regulations.


Take charge of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and conservation works and those of ordinary improvements that are necessary for the conservation and rehabilitation of the elements of exclusive use of the housing unit, and to keep the in good working order facilities for private use, so that they are always in conditions of effective and adequate use.


Compensate any damage in the elements of common use of the property and / or in the housing unit that the member may cause by the breach of the obligation of conservation, diligent and adequate use.


The common partner will leave the housing unit should they withdraw from the cooperative.


Comply with the rest of the legal or statutorily established obligations.

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